Sunday 2 December 2018

5 steps to the Perfect Home Manicure 5 steps to the Perfect Home ManicureIt takes just 5 easy steps to give yourself a home manicure to be proud of.  Take your time and don't rush, and you'll have long-wearing, salon-perfect nails.

You will need:
Nail Polish Remover and lint-free polish remover pads
Crystal Nail File
Handwash, handcream and a bowl of warm water
Cuticle oil and cuticle sticks
Warm Towel
Nail polish, base coat and top coat

1.  Even if you are not wearing polish, start by cleaning the nails and removing any old polish with lint-free pads and a caring nail polish remover, such as OPI Acetone-Free Polish Remover.

2.  Next, file and shape your nails with a crystal nail file. Leighton Denny’s large crystal nail file gives a really smooth finish and helps strengthen your nails in the long term. Keep nails to a consistent length and shape, my preferred nail shape is "squoval" – straight across the top with a gentle curve at the edge. 5 steps to the Perfect Home Manicure Step 3
3.  Soak in soapy warm water for 5-10 minutes, which will soften the cuticles, then exfoliate your hands.  N-Spa’s Creamy Coconut Scrub is a firm favourite.    Dry your hands and rub in a few drops of cuticle oil such as Essie Nail Apricot Treatment Cuticle Oil, then gently push back your cuticles with a cuticle stick wrapped in cotton wool. For really stubborn cuticles, try Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator.  Never cut your cuticles, which can cause infection and damage your nails. 5 steps to the Perfect Home Manicure Step 4
4. Apply a thick layer of hand lotion and massage in using circular motions.  Elemis Wild Lavender Hand Lotion contains richly hydrating jojoba to soften and moisturise, leaving skin silky smooth and nourished.  Wrap your hands in the warm towel and rest for 15 mins to allow the lotion to soak in. Wipe nails with again with polish remover to clean away excess oils. 

5. Apply a base coat, I prefer a combination base coat and nail strengthener such as OPI’s Nail Envy.  Leave it to dry for one minute or two. Apply the first coat of your favourite polish colour. Apply polish by starting in the middle of the nail, then on each side. Leave to dry for 3-5 mins then add a second coat.  Finish with a top coat, my favourite is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  

Dips’ Top Tip.  Paint your fingers (not thumbs) first of all.  This will allow you to use the free edge of your thumb nails to clean away any little mishaps from painting your nails.  When you’ve completed your fingers, then do your thumbs.

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