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Mother's Day Ideas - Great Swap Ideas

DipsDelectus|Mother's Day Ideas - Great Swap Ideas
Mother's Day is fast approaching (it's Sunday 30th March in the UK) and it is a truth universally acknowledged (apologies to Miss Austin) that Mum's will always, always prefer something that is personal, thoughtful and caring  that took an investment of time rather than cash.  So here's some swaps that take the obvious and turn them into the heartfelt, your Mum will always love you but these will really let her know that you love her too!

Swap a Swanky Hotel Afternoon Tea to Taking Afternoon Tea to Her!

Mother's Day Cake
Make your Mum a lovely fresh (and oh so easy) Orange and Poppy Seed Cake.  I decorated mine with handmade sugarpaste flowers using Blossom sugarart cutters and molds, but you can buy similar ready-made decorations from Waitrose.

You can find my recipe for this delicious cake here.

Cost of a luxury afternoon tea for two in London on Mothering Sunday=£100
Cost of handmade cake=£10

Preparation Time required - allow half a day for baking, cooling, filling and decorating.

Mother's Day Afternoon tea idea using Laura Ashley
If you want to add a gift to this idea, why not also treat your Mother to a beautiful china cup and saucer set too?  These delicate Peony Bone China teacups and saucers is from Laura Ashley and is currently on sale for only £8.40 per set at

Swap a Spa Day to a Home Manicure

Mother's Day Home Spa Day Manicure
Give you Mum's hands a treat with a Home Manicure, see my post on 5 steps to a perfect home manicure.  

As you pamper your Mum, you can have a good gossip and catch-up on each other's news.  If you follow my 5-steps, your Mum should have lovely nails for a week or so, and each time she catches a glimpse of her manicure, she'll remember the time you spent together.  

If you'd also like to give her an even longer lasting treat, then also treat her to Elemis Wild Lavender Hand Lotion, which helps relax and calm the senses as well as being super-hydrating.

Cost of a Spa Day for two at a Health Spa=£200
Cost of home manicure=£10-£20

Delivered Flowers to Handtied (and hand delivered) Flowers

Mother's Day - Hand tied Bouquet
Who do you think your Mum would prefer to see delivering her flowers, you or a harassed, hurried courier?  

It can be expensive to buy individual stems from the florist, so instead buy a couple of bunches of flowers from the supermarket. Choose complimentary colours, but include a bunch that has fragrant stems such as lilies, freesias or stocks and one that has some bushy foliage.  You will also need some string and ribbon.
Dips’ Top Tip.  You need proper fabric ribbon either satin or sheer ribbon (not the normal "papery" floral ribbon) as this is what will transform your flowers from a bunch to a bouquet.

Carefully remove the cellophane and set to one side (you'll need this later).  With a sharp pair of scissors, remove the leaves and any thorns from the lower part of the stems of both bouquets.  Trim to a uniform length using a 45-degree cut.  

Reassemble to the stems into a single bouquet, starting with some of the bushy foliage.  Bring each stem in one at a time, each at a slight angle and keep twisting the growing bouquet. When finished, tweak individual stems, then twist the string around the middle of the stems three times and tie tightly to secure.  Snip away any excess string and make sure the stems are all the same length, trimming any that are too long.

Take your two reserved pieces of cellophane and place over each other, offset by over-lapping.  Holding the bouquet in the centre of the cellophane, draw up from each side, gathering the excess from the centre out to each side.  Loosely tie around with another piece of string, then carefully pour in a small reservoir of water and tighten the string into a secure knot. 

Take your long piece of fabric ribbon (a metre would be a good length), leave about 30cm free, and then wrap around bouquet, hiding the string and slightly over-lapping the edges. Tie off into an opulent bouquet that will bring a smile to the face of your Mum.

Cost of home-delivered flowers on Mother's Day=£40-£65
Cost of hand-delivered bouquet=£10-£20

Swap a Shop Card to a Handmade Card

Homemade Mother's Day Card
Forget days of Blue Peter and sticky back plastic, a hand-crafted card will truly make Mother's day.  

You can buy card kits online or pop along to a Hobbycraft store, where you'll find lots of inspiration.

If you would like to see more details on how I made this card, pop over to DipsDesigns for further details.


  1. Aw, this is such a great idea. Definitely shows more love & care than splashing the cash!

    LaaLaa xo
    Dolce Vanity

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