Monday 9 February 2015

(Definitely not) Yummy Mummy - Review of Butter London Nail Polish

Review of Butter London Nail Polish - Yummy Mummy
How often do you try a beauty product that everyone is raving about and then feel, well, really disappointed?  Dependent on your personality, you’re next thought will either be, “They must all be mad” or, “I’ve done something wrong”!  However, leaving the psychology aside, I have to admit I have been thoroughly disappointed with the much lauded Butter London Nail Polishes.  The shade I've reviewed here is Yummy Mummy  - wrong on both counts – I’m not a Mummy and this polish is definitely not Yummy.
Butter London nail polishes describe themselves as 3 Free Nail Lacquer.  Nope, they’re not giving away three free nail polishes but rather their polishes don’t contain certain “nasties”. 

Pros and Cons - Butter London Nail Polish
The 4 Pros

  • contains no Formaldehyde, no Toluene and no DBP
  • the choice of shades is lovely and this specific neutral shade is gorgeous
  • the bottle shape looks elegant and (more importantly) stays stable when in use
  • applied smoothly

The 3 Cons (including a killer con)

  • the brush is somewhat mean in size
  • I needed 3 coats to achieve full coverage

Both of the above I could live with, they’re not the end of the world, but the killer negative is- 

  • it chipped really quickly

Chipped results - Butter London Nail Polish
First of all, apologies for my horrible cuticles, but I did want to show how badly this had chipped after just 2 days (in fact most of the damage started on day 1 but I couldn’t get a photo until day 2).  

Now I don’t usually have a problem with polish chipping.  I use a base coat and top coat, take my time and allow my manicure to dry thoroughly.  My nails last on average 7 days before I need to change the colour.  I cannot remember the last time I’ve had this much chipping in such a short time.

So, am I in a minority of one on this, are you a fan of Butter London Nail Polishes – let me know?


  1. Oh, that is not a good look! I like OPI and Nails. Love your blog!

  2. That's so strange! I've never had any problems with Butter London polishes chipping, and I've got lots of them. And I also just switched to their PD Quick topcoat and I feel like it's perfect and stays longer than ever now. I have been using two coats of OPI Nail Envy underneath, though, maybe that helps?

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely give this polish another go (although not when I'm planning to go anywhere for a few days!) - I also used Nail Envy underneath but only 1 coat, I will try 2 next time and see how I go. It's such a lovely shade, I'm sad it went to wonky for me :(

  4. I have a couple of Butter London polishes and have to say I find them no worse or better than any other brand; but it is a weird thing with chipping, I had a gift pack of 5 Essie polishes for Xmas and 2 of them chipped with 2 days and one lasted a week perfectly! I applied them all in the same way - they must tweak the formula and have good and bad batches :)

    1. Thanks for your sharing your point of view too, it's always helpful to have several different experiences to compare.

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