Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Sneak Peek of the debut WEN Haircare TSV on QVC UK

WEN Haircare TSV QVC UK 27 April 2014
WEN Haircare TSV QVC UK 27 April 2014 © QVC
Lots of interest in WEN Haircare's debut TSV on QVC UK.  Here's a quick sneak peek - 
  • 1x 480ml pomegranate cleansing conditioner
  • 1x 480ml sweet almond cleansing conditioner
  • 1x 56g pomegranate remoist intensive hair treatment
  • 1x 56g sweet almond remoist intensive hair treatment
WEN haircare is a "co-wash" hair cleansing system, ie a  conditioning washing - or using your conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo.  Co-wash is definitely a marmite technique, people either love it or hate it.   Advocates find that it prolongs their colour and is generally less stripping on the hair.  Decryers say it makes their hair feel heavy, sticky and not clean!  It is essential to thoroughly rinse your hair after use. 

4 Piece Heroes Collection - item number 205237 and this will be available to buy on 4 installments. Launches at midnight on 27 April.
Advance notification of QVC item numbers courtesy of Ian Burkitt, with permission

Have you tried co-washing, how do you find it, do let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. Forgot to say at the time, but thanks for the heads up on this. I've ordered, it arrived super quick (like in a day!!!!!) and am trying it for the first time tonight.