Saturday, 12 January 2019

5 Beautiful Bargains for Beauty Buffs at TKMaxx

I like serious skin care but I also like a serious bargain.  I'm therefore drawn to the tantalising shelves of a good TK Maxx like a bee to honey and I thought I'd share my latest buys with you. 
5 Beautiful Bargains for Beauty Buffs at TKMaxx

So from left to right, 5 Beautiful Bargains for Beauty Buffs at TKMaxx are:

  • Rodial 5 Minute Facial Mask 50ml - RRP £35, TKMaxx price £5.99
  • Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Facial Oil 30ml - RRP £60 TKMaxx price £6.99
  • Philosophy Miracle Worker Trail Kit - RRP £35, TKMaxx price £19.99
  • Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Serum 30ml - RRP £78, TKMaxx price £29.99
  • Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser - RRP £34, TKMaxx price £12.99

So that's £242 of premium skin care for £75.95!

What's more, whilst 3 of the buys were impulse, spur of the moment, 2 were items that I was already looking into buying.  They were the Vitamin C serum and the Philosophy Miracle Worker, as I want to incorporate both Vitamin C and a retinol product into my skincare.  The Vitamin C Serum was properly boxed and sealed (something you do need to look out for with TKMaxx) but is pictured here without the box as I have already started using it.

The both the Murad and Rodial purchases were impulse buys - but educated ones. I had previously used a discovery of Murad Age Reform and enjoyed it. This wash has gone into my beauty stash to use once my current Decleor wash runs out (which won't be long). I also always use a face oil (usually one from Decelor) but I look forward to trying the Rodial Oil instead when my current one runs out - especially at this StemCell oil targets dehydration and fine lines. Finally, I really don't think that you can have too many masks, I love to have a variety of masks to hand for a bit of extra TLC for any skincare concern.

My top tips for shopping the Beauty Bargains at TKMaxx are:

  • browse the shelves with a purpose but with an open mind.  By this I mean, look for solutions that are relevant to your skincare regime but be open-minded about the brands to try, it can be a great way to try new brands or formulations 
  • check the items carefully before purchasing.  Sadly, some rude people seem to treat all the products on the shelves at TKMaxx as though they are testers.  Whilst it doesn't matter if the outer box is slightly damaged but it does matter that the contents are clean, untouched and complete.
  • take your phone or Ipad with you - that way you can quickly Google the items in your basket, search out product reviews, check prices and look up anything you are not familiar with before purchasing which is important because....
  • it is only if the item is sealed, then it can be returned under the TKMaxx returns policy.   It is not returnable if the item can be opened without breaking a seal.
  • if you snooze, you lose...... the stock turnover at TKMaxx is fast and if you see something one week, it's highly unlikely to still be there the following week.
So, do you share my addiction and what have been your best buys or finds? 

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  1. Love TKMaxx and Homesense too, I like the eclectic mix and the element of surprise as to what you might find. You bagged some great bargains there, BTW :)