Monday 14 July 2014

From Terrible Trotters to Terrific Tootsies - A Review of the Microplane XL-Pro Foot File Rasp

A Review of the Microplane XL-Pro Foot File Rasp with Before and After Shots
If  (like me) you feel that your feet more often resemble a pair of old trotters rather than a set delightful tootsies, then read my review of the Microplane Foot File Rasp, your feet will thank you!

I've had hard skin on my feet for as long as I can remember and I have tried almost everything - from liquid exfoliants that you soak onto the skin and then scrap off, to pumice stones to other types of abrasive foot buffers. However, once I tried the Microplane Foot File, my search was over.  

Beware of Imitations
There are a number of imitations of this style of footfile, but they are just that - pale imitations of the magnificent Microplane Foot File Rasp. Microplane specialise in rasp-style cutting technology, not just for feet, you'll find Microplane rasps for the keen cook and DIY-er.  It is the quality of the rasps that put Microplane head and shoulders above their competitors

Paddle or Orb?
Mircroplane offer the footfile in both orb from and longer-handle paddle form.  The rasp element is the same in both, so it is just a matter of personal preference as to which you prefer. I use the Microplane XL-Pro Foot File which has an extended handle.  Personally I find the longer handle makes it easier to reach all around my feet than the little palm held orbs.

Feeling Brave or Horridly Fascinated?
If you'd like to see the foot file in acton, watch my Youtube video here (not for the faint-hearted!):

How Does It Work & When to Use?
The rasp works best on clean, dry skin that has not been pre-softened.  So it's best to Microplane before the bath/shower, not after.  Simply rub the rasp gently back and forth over any areas of dry skin.  As long as you have not pre-softened your skin, the Microplane simply files off hard skin but doesn't damage soft skin.   After you have finished, rub in your favourite foot cream and viola, lovely soft, comfortable feet.

Then take a look at what's gathered from your foot-filing session - it's horrdily fascinating to see what's been filed off - here's one heel's worth from my before and after session!
Microplane Foot File - What Comes Off!

I'd let my dry skin build back up again to do this post, so I then Microplaned them two nights in a row to get them back into proper condition, and then I file twice a week to maintain my heels.

So, have you tried Microplane, or do you use another method to remove hard skin from your feet?


  1. You're very brave (or foolish) or both! Kind of had to look, even though I didn't want to!!! I've not tried the Microplane, are they expensive?

  2. I think I paid about £30 for mine, HTH, and thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it.