Saturday 1 September 2018

Going Backwards Ain't No Fun - Reverse Hair Washing Review

Does Reverse Hair Washing hold the key to transforming my thick, tangly and unruly  locks (think 'Cystal Tips') into the lush, smooth, shiny and manageable tresses of my dreams?

When the concept of 'Reverse Washing' started doing the rounds, I was very interested in giving it a try, could it be the answer to my hair nightmare?

Let's start off with a quick recap of what is Reverse Washing?  It's where you use your hair conditioner first, then follow with your shampoo - so you are washing and conditioning your hair in reverse order.  

See my video review of Reverse Hair Washing here.

My first attempt at Reverse Hair Washing started with a regular reverse wash, which follow these steps:
  • thoroughly dampen hair with water
  • work in your regular conditioner through your hair (I have to use a tangle tease to do this) 
  • leave the conditioner to really soak in for about 10mins
  • then shampoo your hair as normal and rinse thoroughly
  • do not follow with a final conditioning stage
What Happened on First Attempt?
So that was what I did.  Now, when I emerged from the shower without having had a finishing conditioning rinse, it's fair to say I looked pretty scary.  It took quite a while, even with the tangle tease, to work out all the knotting.  I finished by drying and styling my hair as normal except I didn't use any finishing sprays, serums etc as I wanted this to be a true test of the Reverse Hair Washing tecnique.

My hair just did not feel right, it was heavy, had too much texture and, funnily enough, didn't feel too clean (which is odd, as it ended on a wash, so should have felt really clean).  It lasted between washes the same amount of time as usual, but it did need to be brushed more often to keep the tangles at bay.

What Happened on Second Attempt - Reverse Hair Washing with a Dips' Twist?
Not to be defeated, as this was meant to the miracle my hair needed, I tried again, this time with a Dips' Twist! As before
  • I thoroughly dampened my hair under the shower head
  • then worked my regular conditioner through my hair (I have to use a tangle tease to do this) 
  • left the conditioner to really soak in for about 10mins
  • then shampoo'd my hair as normal and rinsed thoroughly
  • but this time, I then added a small amount of conditioner (1/4 of what I normally use) and worked this through my hair and then rinsed.
This was better, I didn't resemble Medusa to quite the same degree on emerging from the shower and my hair was slightly more manageable.  However, it still had much more texture to it (read "bushiness" for texture!) and weight to it than I wanted.  It also still didn't feel properly clean.

My Conclusion
I suspect I just have the wrong hair type for Reverse Hair Washing - the main downside for me (lots more texture and volume) would probably be Nirvana for anyone with thin or fine hair.  

So, I've tried it, but I've concluded, it is definitely not for me.  What about you - have you tried Reverse Hair Washing - how did you find it?

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