Monday, 14 July 2014

From Terrible Trotters to Terrific Tootsies - A Review of the Microplane XL-Pro Foot File Rasp

A Review of the Microplane XL-Pro Foot File Rasp with Before and After Shots
If  (like me) you feel that your feet more often resemble a pair of old trotters rather than a set delightful tootsies, then read my review of the Microplane Foot File Rasp, your feet will thank you!

I've had hard skin on my feet for as long as I can remember and I have tried almost everything - from liquid exfoliants that you soak onto the skin and then scrap off, to pumice stones to other types of abrasive foot buffers. However, once I tried the Microplane Foot File, my search was over.  

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Far Too Faux - Bare Minerals Faux Tan Body Review

Are you of the same age as me, old enough to remember the awful early days of fake tan?  I can clearly remember in my early teens in the early '80s, and a school friend turned up for swimming looking like an orange zebra.  Things are meant to have moved on since then but ......
The product claims:
  • Look like you've spent a day at the beach without exposure to the sun's harmful rays. A mineral copper complex prolongs the tanning effects, while aloe vera and vegetable-derived emollients provide hydration so skin feels soft and smooth.
  • Say goodbye to streaks: you see the colour as you're applying it, so you'll know exactly where to put more or if you've missed a spot
  • Natural-based formula moisturises, hydrates and defends skin with aloe vera and emollients
  • Doesn't clog the pores or irritate skin
  • Want to look like you've basked in the sun longer? Build a deeper tan by reapplying.
I must declare upfront that I am very fair, my arms and legs in particular are blue-white in skin tone.  My preference for my colouring is therefore a very light, golden tan colour with definitely no orange.  

How was it for me?